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Know where your users came from, what they're doing, and why.

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Easy integration

Spindl app integration

Just call our library from your sign-in page, and we handle the rest, whatever chain you're on. Tell us what on-chain events you care about, and we'll figure out how they got there.

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Join Web 2 and Web 3 funnels

Spindl app User Funnel

Understand user behavior from a click anywhere on the Web to any on-chain action, whether your funnel starts with a Tweet or Discord post and ends in a NFT purchase or token staking.

Analytics you’ve never seen before

Spindl app AnalyticsSpindl app Analytics

Retention rates and ROIs on token drops, CACs on your ad spend, wallet conversion rates, and more. Stop hacking Dune queries, and start looking at real dashboards.

Referral program

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Our referral and rewards program lets you pay out users, publishers, or influencers as a percent of the user value generated (cost-per-value, or CPV).

By setting the referral reward as a function of value generated, you can avoid Sybil attacks and fake users.


Web3's first real attribution system

Getting started is a one-line change to your website. Let's talk about how to accelerate your user growth.

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